Customer Service Skills


Customer Service Training aims to enable trainees to shift the focus from themselves to their customers. This can be achieved by performing step-by-step processes for successful customer interactions. These customers are both internal and external. Good customer service ensures internal customer co-operation, leads to lower internal costs and high quality products and services. Good customer relations also ensures external customer loyalty and repeat business.


At the end of the programme, the participants will be confident in:

Getting clients

Keeping clients

Ensuring clients return


Session 1

Assimilating basic service skills and techniques: smiling, thanking, listening, maintaining a positive attitude and solving problems

Session 2

Practicing the skills and techniques needed to provide superior service face-to-face and on the phone

Session 3

Learning how to handle irate customers. This way the employee feels more confident and realises the advantages of delivering superior service

Session 4

Reducing customer loss because of poor service

Session 5

Practising techniques to turn a dissatisfied customer into an opportunity to build a successful relationship

Session 6

Optimising co-operation and internal communication among colleagues

Session 7

Being committed to providing superior service when dealing with clients, vendors and co-workers