Persuasive Reports & Proposals


Writing persuasively is an essential business skill. Most successful people communicate well in writing and few people reach the top in their profession without learning the art.

This course will enable you to produce persuasive reports and proposals in order to enhance business productivity. You will work individually and in groups on a variety of activities, which will enhance your writing skills. To help you develop these skills you will learn strategies for organizing, drafting and editing as well as improving your style. The trainer will provide input and opportunities for writing as well as help you to monitor your own work through individual and group feedback.


To produce persuasive reports and proposals to enhance business productivity.


Session 1

Introduction to persuasive reports & proposals
Identifying your purpose
Understanding your reader

Session 2

The Structure of Reports & Proposals
Planning & Organising

Session 3

Drafting & Revising
Proofreading and identifying errors

Session 4

Citing sources
Written assignment

Session 5

Peer evaluation of written assignment
Group work on common errors
Feedback on written assignment

Session 6

Comparing reports and proposals
Developing persuasive language
Revising a proposal
Course evaluation